miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2011


Walking along the streets very late at open nights, Masi, the poet, has started to live another experience in his still young life. A no branded pen and a bunch of creased papers as well as his long hours walk are probably his most loyal allies. The poet likes wearing in long black heavy coats as if he was trying to revive the times of the Literary Romanticism.

Masi has just decided to make his dreams come true. This walking will probably give him more clear ideas to write his next best-seller. Masi already published a meaningful book in 2008. A book in which he describes his most inner feelings towards the human being. Over the years Masi has frequently thought about contributing to this world to leave a legacy to reverse what the human being has lived so far. He is absolutely sure that this is not an easy task, but is firmly determined to stand by his thoughts and reach the eternity just by expressing the naked truth about the human being.

He undertook a long journey last year,strongly motivated by his thoughts about a new fresh young talented generation able to build up a better life. Sooner or later his ideas will pay back, however difficult the path to follow may be. Last year he relished success and frustration. He has always said: “I just don’t care what the people think of me.” “I just care what I can do to save the world from an impending sinking.”---“I strongly know that my writing will help the world find the right path”.

By Víctor Abraham
From Lima, Peru's capital city,

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